Bangalore (Bengaluru) India

STEP2IT is coming to Bangalore (Bengaluru, Karnataka State, India) in November 2019. We are offering the same Live USMLE Step 2 CS Preparation as our DFW Center for a limited number of dates and for a very limited number of students. You will be guided personally by Dr. Jacob. This is a rare opportunity to experience the training that you need for your USMLE Step 2 CS while in India. Without having to invest the time, expense and energy of a trip to the United States. This opportunity will NOT come around for some time again.

Why chose STEP2IT

  • One of the longest running USMLE Step 2 CS courses in the world. 13+yrs and counting. Hundreds of successful students. Experience matters.

  • A rare opportunity to train with an established, US based preparatory course taught by Americans.

  • Our students have come internationally, from all over the world; as well as right here in the US. Our past students now practice all across the United States in nearly all 50 states.

  • Pioneer of the “small class format”. We still use the same formula all of these years because that’s what works best. One on one classes are available. Group classes will never have more than 4 students per class. Unparalleled attention to every student in every class.

  • Pioneer of the open scheduling system. You can register for class on the dates that YOU prefer! (First come, first serve basis)

  • Our USMLE Step 2 CS course has always been taught LIVE because this is the best format available for a clinically oriented exam. And it should be the only format that you choose.

  • Full day mini-mock exam.

  • You are taught by an MD all of the time; 100% of the time. NOT by SPs. SPs do not engage in a teaching role.

  • We don’t work “by the hour”. We work “to criteria”. Class sessions may extend many hours beyond what what is pre-planned in the agenda if necessary.

  • Unquestionable value for money. You get way more than what you pay for.

  • Our students get the best rewards in the industry. Generous discounts and referral fees.


The course curriculum that will be offered in Bangalore will be exactly the same as the 4 day course offered at the DFW Center. There are 2 different options to choose from.

Premium Individual

Discount Group


The following FOUR dates are the ONLY dates that are available:

November 4-7th 2019

November 11-14th 2019

November 18-21st 2019

November 25-28h 2019


The exact location is TBA but it will be in the vicinity of Indiranagar, Bangalore. The venue will be air-conditioned, luxurious and equipped with full modern amenities.


Please note that all pricing for the Bangalore course is in Indian Rupees (INR) not USD.

Premium Individual

  • This is our best option which guarantees you a "one on one" class. Total class size is limited to just ONE student per class. Your class dates will be closed off to others joining in. This means that you will receive 100% attention on all class days.

  • There is no "watch and learn" method, this gives you the opportunity to actively take all simulated patient encounters yourself. Critique and feedback for all encounters and patient notes is given by your Clinical Professor.

  • You can pick ANY date that you see mentioned above.

  • Optional full day Mini-Mock Exam session on Day 4.

  • Offered as a 4 day class format as minimum. (Extra days can be taken, contact us for a custom quote.)

4 day Live Premium Individual Prep = ₨ 1,40,000

(With optional full day Mini-Mock Exam)

Valued at ₨ 2,10,000

Discount Group

  • This option is for those who are able to recruit one person along with them for a class session. This is incentive to recruit your family or friends taking the exam. Each person saves BIG so it's a win-win-win situation!

  • Your class dates will be closed off to others joining in. That means that only those in your group will receive 100% attention on all class days.

  • You can pick ANY date that you see mentioned above.

  • Optional full day Mini-Mock Exam session on Day 4.

  • Both students MUST be registered on the same class dates.

  • Class size limit is 2 students please.

  • Offered as a 4 day class format as minimum. (Extra days can be taken, contact us for a custom quote.)

    4 day Live Discount Group Prep

    2 Student class = ₨ 90,000 per student

    (With optional Mini-Mock Exam)

Save ₨ 50,000 per student from our Premium Individual pricing!




Contact us by phone or email to inquire regarding availability for your preferred dates and receive confirmation. Confirmation is necessary because the dates shown may not always be accurate and up to the minute. Please do NOT register or make travel arrangements until your dates have been confirmed.


All prospective students must read and agree to our Terms and Regulations.


Please fill out this Registration form and submit it to us.

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Registration Fee

Finalizing registration requires a ₨ 14,000 deductible registration deposit via PayPal or Western Union. This is NOT an extra ₨ 14,000 fee. The deposit will be automatically refunded upon your first class fee payment. The purpose of the Registration fee is to merely hold and reserve your class date on the calendar. Click the link to the right to pay via PayPal. In case you choose to cancel your class registration, the Registration Fee is refundable up till 7 days before your scheduled class date.

We ask for no other payment "up front" from our students; there is no other financial risk to you. The remainder of the course fees will be requested when you arrive in person on the day of class.

Once registration has been completed, we will follow up with information and guidance regarding travel and accommodations. Just to ensure that you know what to expect, we also recommend that you check out the FAQs page.