Topics covered during the course

•   History of clinical examination with SPs

•   Latest exam changes/trends

•   Preparedness for exam day

•   Exam center layout/examination room layout/equipment/instruments

•   Exam format/Regulations

•   Scoring system and the strategic approach for high performance

•   Time management

•   An outline and "walk-through" of each phase of the typical patient encounter

 •   High yield tips/frequently committed mistakes 

•   Tips on typing patient notes

•   Patient interviewing skills

•   Focused history taking and data gathering

•   Performing with confidence

•   Physician etiquette and professionalism  

•   Making a first impression and building rapport with the patient

•   Interpersonal skills

•   Physician/patient relationship

•   Body language/Proxemics

•   Non-verbal Communication

•   Counseling patients

•   Answering challenging questions

•   Expressing sincere empathy in appropriate situations

•   Handling challenging patients

•   Complete components of a proper closing

•   Physical exam techniques

•   Clear communication and speech proficiency

•   Pronunciation tips

•   ERAS/NRMP statistics

•   Tips for match & residency

•   Handling exam stress and utilizing relaxation techniques

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There will be plenty of facilitation and discussion of these topics, but the majority of class time after day 1 will be devoted to SP encounters. This is the most important part of your clinical examination preparation.