DFW Center access

There are many different ways that you may choose to travel once you arrive in Dallas, TX. The thought of having to navigate through an unfamiliar city may seem daunting, especially if it's your first time in the region. Rest assured that we'll provide you with simple, customized directions that will help guide you along your your travel route. You'll discover that you'll find your way around easier than you would have expected. We recommend that you make travel arrangements that arrive/leave Dallas, TX sometime between 6am - 12am as this is a safer time period to travel and more travel options are readily accessible.

Regional Airports

The two, most convenient, regional airports that we recommend that you book your flight to are:

A) Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) This is the main international airport of Dallas. This airport is 15 miles west of the DFW Center.

B) Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) This is the main domestic airport of Dallas. This airport is 6 miles southeast of the DFW Center.

Vehicle Rental

Having a vehicle during your stay is the quickest and most hassle-free way to get around. You will enjoy total freedom to go wherever and whenever you want as well as allowing you to explore the DFW Metroplex. Rentals are readily available at either airport. Plenty of free parking is available at the Center.

Please note that the highways of the entire DFW Metroplex is a "cashless toll" region. Rental car companies may try to convince you to rent one of their toll passes. This is a choice and not a necessity. Although entering the DFW airport complex (flight terminals) requires toll, the DFW rental car terminal is located OUTSIDE the airport toll booths. While traveling in the DFW area, only a few travel routes require toll. So it's quite easy to bypass toll roads and avoid paying toll as much as possible. Please inquire and we will guide you with the best toll free routes.

Taxi/Rideshare Services

The entire DFW Metroplex region is readily served by taxi services and rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft.

Light Rail Service

The Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART) serves both airports and is convenient and comfortable. This is the most affordable way to get around within the Dallas Metroplex region. Service is readily available and reliable via the "ORANGE" rail line at the “Bachman” station.

Click below for directions via DART. 

FREE local transportation

Our prospective students typically tell us that logistical challenges regarding travel is one of their top concerns when deciding which course will work best for them. Most of our students may have never traveled through Dallas before or in some cases are this is their very first trip to the US. In any case we realize that you're coming into a new environment, and that presents it's own stress. You already have enough to focus on; your exam.

Our hope is that once you arrive, this aspect quickly becomes the least of your worries. A priority is to make sure your that your stay here is both safe and comfortable. We don't want our students to feel like they're out lost on their own and without guidance. For this reason we offer an extra service that you will not find with other courses. Once you arrive locally, daily transportation to and from class will be provided to you FREE of charge. You will be treated with a level of "VIP style" luxury that will surely exceed your expectations. We appreciate the efforts that our students make to travel from so far, so this is something we are happy to provide to reciprocate your efforts. This service is restricted to the dates that you’ve booked class and within a 3 mile radius from the center.

If you feel that this service is not necessary, and you'd like to arrange your own transportation, you will qualify for a Travel Discount that will be deducted from your course fees at a rate of $10/day.