STEP2IT is offered in 3 formats:

Premium Individual

Standard Group

Discount Group

Course time is a minimum of 7-9 hours per day.  The actual syllabus for each class will vary and be determined according to the individual needs of the students. Therefore the maximum course time may go many hours more than that. An important priority is to cover at least one case from every commonly seen discipline. A huge volume of cases is not what necessarily helps, but practicing quality cases, receiving effective feedback and seeing meaningful improvement case by case. You can expect to cover at least 8-25 cases. The emphasis is to complete as much material as efficiently as possible considering the accelerated nature of the program.

Day 1:

The aim on day one is to cover some introductory topics, that will lay down a foundation and framework that will equip you with a sure-fire strategy to effectively approach the exam. If you've had prior attempts we will analyze and discuss your score report. Although 4 days seems like a lot of time, it's hardly enough time to cover all the aspects of the Step 2 CS/Level 2 PE. The number of topics to cover is so exhaustive so most of it is covered on day 1. Therefore day 1 is probably the most important day of the course. Be sure to be well rested and be prepared for a long day.

Day 2:

On day two the aim is to clearly define and identify your weak areas and develop strategies to strengthen them. Simulated patient encounters are as real to the exam conditions as possible. There'll be an infinite number of variables to challenge you. After each case, we'll critique and advise you. Live Video Instant Replay is perhaps the most important aspect. There'll be plenty of time for discussion and opportunities for you to ask questions. All physical examination techniques will be covered. You'll become proficient with typing patient notes.

Day 3:

Day 3 is more about the complicated cases you may encounter in the exam. As you progressively improve, the level of difficulty will increase as well. We go to this extent to ensure that you'll be fully prepared to handle any case that comes your way on the real exam.

Day 4:

By this stage you can expect to have all the basic concepts down. This day is less about understanding what to do; but more about how to actually execute it. Day 4 is totally devoted to time management and independent decision-making capability. Students opting for the Premium Individual or Discount Group format get the option for a full day Mini-Mock Examination on day 4.