We believe in quality over quantity

As you know, the main competitor in this industry offers their large group format CS course for a whopping $2999! Of course, then you'd have to factor in additional expenses that you'll incur such as travel, accommodations etc. That's a lot of hard earned money to put down just for one exam. Finances are tight for everyone at this stage in life. We hear you! 

In developing our curriculum we knew that we could offer MORE value to you for substantially LESS money. Because our classes are not volume/quantity based but instead quality/attention based, you get exponentially more value for what you pay. The value of a small class format is more individualized attention. The amount of time and energy invested into EACH student is unparalleled in the field.

The other smaller competitor courses also follow the same trail of the big corporate entities. The large "12 student class" format. Their end goal is also volume, quantity and creating a monopoly. They're focused on "selling" you by using high pressure sales tactics. The whole idea is to pull in as many students as possible per class to fill the quota. Go ahead, give it a test and get in contact with them. You'll see the difference immediately. You'll quickly realize that you're no one special to them. You're just another number. The result of this is that you may or may not absorb knowledge and skills from the program. More importantly, you may or may not improve your performance by attending the program. Sure, you could have large lecture halls for Step 1/ Step 2 CK prep programs. As you can surmise, large class sizes are not the correct format for Step 2 CS exam preparation. So the question is; is anyone keeping YOU in check? Because, apparently, they know how to keep their own bottom-line in check!

We’ve researched the field and just like you, we know what they all offer. It would have been easier and more profitable to follow that other formula. STEP2IT is really on another  level. We're not interested in making this nationwide venture or a huge corporate entity. Rather this course is meant for the limited few who are looking for a personalized, quality-infused, highly regarded, top notch program that strives to be the very best in the world.