Are you taking your USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills exam soon? Well, then STEP to IT!

Look no further, you have found the course that's been designed just for YOU. Welcome to STEP2IT. Our live course is designed to help you pass the USMLE Step 2CS or the COMLEX-USA 2PE examination with high performance.


There are many books, videos and online courses that will help supplement your USMLE preparation. However, there is no substitute for the most vital ingredient of all; PRACTICE. The best form of practice is to rehearse the most commonly tested encounters in an exam-like environment under expert guidance. This is why STEP2IT is available only as a LIVE course. We’ll cover all the important topics that you may potentially encounter on your exam. It's a full A-Z of everything you need to know about the USMLE Step 2CS and what you will expect to experience on your exam day. These are tools that will give you the skills to put forth your best to the test.

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