Beyond an Exam

From its inception, STEP2IT has focused on the aim of helping physicians pass the Step 2 CS exam. But beyond that, there is a greater mission that we have in mind; facilitating and increasing the quality of healthcare in the United States.


The truth is, there is an unpopular and generalized opinion (held by some that are quick to judge) that IMGs are not up to par with American graduates in terms of the standard of care for patients and they can't be trained to improve. This, of course, is NOT TRUE. In reality, many IMGs have proven to outperform; they tend to be just as gifted, talented and intelligent as American graduates. IMGs tend to have sound knowledge and a fairly solid approach to physical exam techniques. But communication and interpersonal skills may not come as naturally. And American 4th yr. students are not off the hook either. A great number of them score low in CIS as well. Many American patients will tell you that a warm, considerate, passionate, professional, ethical physician with an attention to detail is a rarity nowadays. The USMLE is the gateway to the noblest of professions. There's a reason why residency programs search for only the very best to represent their program. It's not just USMLE scores that they are looking for; it's all about having the "full package". Step 2 CS and interview performance speaks volumes. Make sure to stand out from the crowd that settles for average.

Our guidance leads you towards the road of fostering the "people person" personality. It's vital to build immediate rapport with your patients, exude positivity, engage effortlessly and comfortably in dialogue using clear conversational English. Your patients desire that you truly bond and connect with them on a personal level as a caring physician. It’s only at this open and receptive level that you'll be able to yield the most sensitive information from the patient as well as educate them and relay effective counseling. You'll begin to present yourself naturally with confidence. Your charmed patients will love you because you've earned their trust and a relationship that will last a lifetime. That's what differentiates one as a truly great physician.

STEP2IT is not just about an exam. It's all about REAL clinical skills that will inevitably help you in the future; on residency interviews and ultimately throughout your career.

Clinical skills start herE