The USMLE exams are very important to your future

It can totally determine or alter your career trajectory; and even your path in life. We recognize the immense responsibility we are entrusted with to guide you on your USMLE journey and we take that very seriously. Isn’t it ironic that when a course attempts to train you it asks YOU to behave a certain way with your patients; but then it turns around and treats you totally different as their own student? Everywhere you look, it always seems to be all about business priorities. And you happen to be their commodity.

Dr. Jacob founded STEP2IT on the principle of “Leading by Example”

It means that as leaders, we strive to continually emulate the model behavior of an ideal physician in all we do. You will notice this model behavior inside and outside the classroom. It’s evident in the way that we respond and speak to you. You will note that it all starts from the very first contact. Ask any of our past students; this is what they will tell you was the main “deciding factor” in choosing STEP2IT. This is a concept that is beyond mere “customer service”. This is at the core of what sets us apart from the rest. Why is this important? Because we are training future leaders who will pass on this valuable knowledge towards the next generation of leaders. Our hope is that all our students intend to emulate these qualities for their patients. Not only for an exam; but once they enter the real world in actual clinical practice.

If you survey patients, they will tell you that there are certain qualities that they look for in an ideal physician

A respectful, caring, considerate, friendly, honest, energetic, polite and knowledgeable physician. Someone who behaves professionally, builds rapport with the intention of a lifetime relationship, has a thorough, meticulous approach and takes the time to communicate clearly and treats each person as an individual. Someone who is flexible and receptive as well as being trustworthy, transparent, reliable and ethical. Someone who is positive, supportive and goes the extra distance to be the very best. This is the physician that makes the greatest difference in people’s lives. This is "personable professionalism" at its best.

So it’s no mystery that we treat YOU, our student, in the very same way

It’s because we want you to treat your own patients the SAME exact way! CIS and empathy do not need to be “an act” because these qualities should shine through naturally as an ideal physician. You’ve been told in medical school to always “treat the patient as a whole”. Likewise, we aim not only to help you pass an exam but to be here as your “life coach” in all areas of life. As we always say; “treat your patients like a family member”. Indeed this is the very way we treat our students and you will not find these qualities and principles at any other course.