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The STEP2IT curriculum is designed to cover all the aspects of the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE exam. The COMLEX Level 2 PE is very similar to the USMLE Step 2 CS exam, but there are some minor differences. The Biomedical/Biomechanical domain is similar to the ICE component. The Humanistic Domain is similar to the CIS component. So the main difference with the COMLEX Level 2 PE versus the USMLE 2 CS is that there is no SEP component. But there is the addition of the OMT component.

Another curious fact about about the COMLEX Level 2 PE exam is that the pass rate is significantly lower than the pass rate for American 4th yr. students that take the USMLE Step 2 CS. It's not clear as to why this disparity exists as the students, and the exam itself, present a pretty close "apples to apples" comparison. However be careful to conclude that the COMLEX Level 2 PE exam is the "harder" exam to pass. Although this is something you may hear from people who haven't passed the exam, there just isn't enough evidence to justify that claim. As a matter of fact we've surveyed many DO candidates that have taken BOTH exams. All of them have reported that both exams are very similar. Therefore the "key take away" is to be well prepared and take the COMLEX Level 2 PE exam seriously.

STEP2IT is above and beyond the best source of guidance for your COMLEX Level 2 PE exam. The reason is because the focus here is not simply to achieve a "pass" on your score report; but to pass your exam with HIGH performance.

Pricing and course options for the COMLEX-USA Level 2-PE course are identical to the USMLE Step 2 CS course.

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