Dr. Jacob

Dr. Jacob is the founder and Course Director of STEP2IT and the Clinical Skills Education Network. Part "science nerd", physician, professor and businessman, he has earned a solid academic background and achieved substantial professional experience in a wide array of fields of interest. His endeavors encompass the fields of clinical research, the pharmaceutical industry, university teaching and entrepreneurship.  His insatiable quest for knowledge and deep passion for the art of teaching has culminated in the development of the STEP2IT program, and more recently the Clinical Skills Education Network.

He is a true believer in the core principle of "leading by example" and prioritizing the promotion of ethics and integrity. Over the years, under the leadership of Dr. Jacob, STEP2IT has empowered hundreds of USMLE examinees across the United States and from every reach of the globe. Based now in Dallas, TX, STEP2IT has attained high ranks in polls, a leader in SE ranking and has continued to succeed with an industry leading 95+% PASS rate.

"In every contact, in every capacity; I seek an opportunity to make a difference. To make a true human impact with definitive purpose."