Live Video Instant Replay

A patient encounter essentially is a performance. Your mind is multi-tasking; sometimes you’re in the moment and sometimes you’re distracted. A lot is going on at the same time. What you’re doing might “feel right” or “sound right” from where you are. But does it really “look right”? It’s difficult for you to visualize what your performance looks like from another perspective. From the outside. Keep in mind that it’s the SP that decides the majority of scoring for your encounter. When your clinical professor provides critique and feedback, words can only convey so much. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

SP encounters are recorded using state of the art digital 4K UHD video that can be reviewed after each case; just like an “instant replay”. Each mistake that you make along the way is marked on the fly so nothing is missed. Once you see and hear what your performance looks like from the SP’s point of view, your subconscious realizes reality. You can’t help but change and improve. This is a major tool to aid your transformation.