Privacy Policy

STEP2IT takes your privacy seriously. At our core is a philosophy of ethics, integrity, trust and respect.

This policy covers how FJ Enterprises International Ultd, and more specifically STEP2IT, treats personal information that it collects and receives from you either directly or by referral. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, IP address and cookies. This is information that is not otherwise publicly available.

When you register, we may ask for information about you, such as your name, email address, mailing address, exam date, date of graduation, universities attended, country of origin, citizenship and other demographic data. STEP2IT uses this information for the following general purposes: to contact you, to provide internal statistical analysis, internal business strategies, video/written testimonials and referral emails that are solicited for prospective students. We consider all of this data as sensitive and confidential. We do not participate in any form of external "data mining" activities.

We reserve the right to reference general demographical information and statistics in our course materials or website. This information will exclude any personal identifying information.

We might ask for your banking information or credit card number for deposits and payment services. This information is used ONLY for the purposes of completing the transaction and shared with only with the institution involved. We keep general records on file but discard any sensitive information.

All patient encounters are recorded by video and audio by STEP2IT (Live Video Instant Replay). By registering you are granting the permission to be recorded. Recordings serve ONLY two purposes 1) Educational 2) Legal Protection. Recordings will NOT be shown to any other students, public, online or used for any other purpose including promotion. Recordings are the property of STEP2IT and will be archived only for a limited span of time. Once videos are permanently deleted, they cannot be retrieved.

Written and Video Testimonials are posted only with the consent of our past students. The only personal information we will display is your name. Testimonial content may be used for promotion and advertising.

Occasionally a prospective student may solicit for email address or phone numbers of past students as a reference. ONLY those past students who have opted IN to accept such emails will be selected. This is permission to share your name, email address or phone number ONLY with prospective students. Our students are not scripted or paid for their statements and the opinions expressed are independent and not necessarily those of FJEIU. The student is under no obligation to reply to prospective students, provide references or information on the behalf of STEP2IT. Any student has the right to opt-out of this agreement at anytime by request. We dislike spam just as much as you do.

We do not collect any form of personal data from our online polls.

STEP2IT does NOT rent, sell, or share personal information about you with other people, our affiliates, advertising or third party companies; except to provide services that you've requested, when we have your permission.

We never have, and we never will. PERIOD.